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Our Cognitive Development Center helps people of all ages tackle cognitive challenges including learning difficulties, dyslexia, focus and attention difficulties, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, fine and gross motor skills, brain injury, and more!


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How We Helped Dylan Succeed At School !!! 

Many children struggle academically, facing challenges like learning difficulties, concentration issues, and poor memory retention. Despite their potential and eagerness to learn, they often experience frustration, feeling as if their minds aren't as focused or clear as needed.

We have all witnessed it time and time again - a child dedicating hours to studying and putting in effort, only to be disappointed by bad grades when the test day arrives. If only there was a way to help them excel in school and everyday life situations...

Through our specialized assessments, we identify the areas of difficulty and with our BrainRX  training we boost performance to ensure academic success.


After Our Training, You Will Stand Out From The Crowd !

Improved Academic Performance

Enhanced cognitive skills that are taught in our center will most certainly lead to better academic & professional outcomes, including improved reading comprehension, mathematical reasoning, and critical thinking abilities.

Increased Memory and Recall

Our expert trainers provide students with special memory exercises that can lead to better memory retention and recall, allowing participants to more effectively learn and retain new information.

Mastery of Problem-Solving Skills

Our professionals guide students to develop stronger problem-solving skills, enabling them to approach challenges with creativity, resourcefulness, and adaptability. These exercises are fun and life significant.

Boosted Confidence & Self-esteem

As our students master new cognitive skills, they often experience a boost in confidence and self-esteem, empowering them to tackle new challenges with greater confidence. In turn this leads to improvements in quality of life.

Improved Social & Play Skills

Our cognitive skills programs incorporate special training programs that focus on social skills development, helping participants improve communication, collaboration, and interpersonal skills. These are crucial for child development.

Better Decision-Making Abilities

Our programs heavily focus on developing better decision-making abilities, enabling students to make more informed and effective choices in various aspects of their lives. Good decision-making abilities lead to a more fulfilled future. 

Identify Key Areas of Cognitive Weakness?

BrainBox offers a highly specialized and detailed approach to identifying the key areas where you or your child might have learning challenges or cognitive struggles. Our highly advanced, cognitive, one-of-a-kind assessment will provide you with the most in-depth answers.      

What We Actually Do!

The Brain-1

Cognitive Development Center

By fostering robust cognitive abilities in participants, these initiatives pave the way for their success in academia, their careers, and beyond.

Gamified Brain Training 

The old adage, "When it's fun, it doesn't feel like work," perfectly encapsulates our approach to our brain training methods & programs. 

Tailored-Made Programs For You

Our training programs are meticulously crafted to meet your unique needs, providing targeted support where it matters most.

Who Benefits From Our Programs?

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Regular Individuals Of All Ages

We believe age is just a number. From children kindergarten age 3 to seniors age 80 are all welcome to join our programs...

Special Needs Individuals

If you or a loved one faces conditions like ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism, or related challenges, our doors are open. We offer real support and assistance.

Injured Or Recovering Individuals

If you had a brain stroke or you have had a brain injury that impairs your mental abilities, we are here for you.

How Can I Get Started?


Step 1:

Get In Touch With Us

Send us an email or give us a call...


Step 2:

 Take the Assessment

Show up to the appointment and just be yourself...


Step 3:

Begin The Brain Training

Get trained one-on-one by our expert trainers...


Step 4:

Become Limitless!!!

Appreciate the ease with which mental tasks can be done!

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