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Academic Support Program

About Academic Support Program

At the heart of our mission, the Academic Support Program meticulously hones in on three pivotal facets of educational development: writing, reading, and math skills. These foundational elements are not merely subjects to be studied; they are the cornerstones of academic success and intellectual growth. Our program doesn't just scratch the surface; it delves deep, offering specialized attention and tailored instruction to ensure that every child can excel. Whether it's crafting compelling essays, navigating the complexities of comprehension, or solving intricate mathematical problems, our approach is designed to elevate students' abilities and confidence in these critical areas.

We recognize that each child has unique educational needs and learning styles. That's why our program is more than a one-size-fits-all solution; it's a dynamic, responsive framework that adapts to the individual challenges and strengths of each student. By focusing on writing, reading, and math, we aim to empower students with the skills they need not only to succeed in school but to thrive in life. Our dedicated team of educators and tutors is committed to nurturing a love for learning, fostering academic excellence, and building a strong foundation for future success in any endeavor.

In essence, the Academic Support Program is not just about improving grades—it's about enriching minds, inspiring creativity, and instilling a lifelong passion for knowledge. Through personalized support, focused instruction, and a commitment to each child's academic journey, we strive to make a lasting impact that goes far beyond the classroom.

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The Academic Support Program


Writing Academy

The Writing Academy is a program that strives to foster a love for writing in our learners ranging from 5 to 13 years old.

Our aim is to encourage our students to learning the basic skills and elements required to put together an effective writing piece whilst simultaneously encouraging students to write creatively and with confidence inside and outside of the classroom.

Students will participate in a range of individual and group activities that will provide the skills needed to think and write creatively, understand the writing process, recognise and utilise the different types of writing genres and more importantly, be able to express themselves in words and share their work with pride

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Reading Academy

BrainBox prides itself on providing the best learning programs on the market, and our reading program is no different!

Using an American Developed Direct Instructional System for Teaching and Remediation program focused on phonics-based reading development, our reading program takes children through all the phonetical stages of reading into intermediate and advanced levels.

The reading program is broken down into several stages as it takes he child through a structured and incremental process, so that their skills build in line with their confidence.

We have successfully been able to help children and youth with severe reading deficits become star readers!


Mathematics Academy

Our Math Academy has been specifically designed for learners aged 5 to 13 years old.

Our main is to help build learners' confidence and skills in mathematics.

Our approach to achieving this is to ‘make math fun’ and therefore, we design our math program to take on a fun, hands-on and challenging approach.

Our aim is to build their foundational understanding of numbers in a variety of math areas such as number sense and numeration, number operations, and problem solving and reasoning. 

After Our Training, You Will Stand Out From The Crowd !

Improved Writing Skills 

Through a focused approach, students significantly improve their writing by mastering compelling storytelling, understanding grammar nuances, and developing a unique voice.

Improved Reading Skills

The student improves their reading skills and comprehension, leading to a greater understanding of the subject matter.

Improved Math Skills

The student enhances their mathematical skills, a fundamental necessity in the academic realm.

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